The tourist farm Štanfel is situated in the village of Podsabotin, a 10-minute drive from Nova Gorica. If you arrive from this direction it is the first tourist farm in Goriška Brda.
The easiest way to reach us iis arriving from Nova Gorica. In Solkan cross the bridge over the Soča river, then follow the main road and when you get to the village Podsabotin, drive straight on  for about 2 km. At the end of the village turn right (at the sign Štanfel), cross the bridge and continue for another 600 metres. Our part of the village is called Vamorje.

Airport Brnik 140 km
Airport Ronci dei Legionari 25 km
Venice 120 km
Vien 200 km




Nastanitve in vinarstvo Štefan Štanfel
Štefan Štanfel
Podsabotin 5
5211 Kojsko

Opening time

From 1 Jan till 31 Dec
Reservation required

TEL: 00386 (0) 31 680 297
TEL: 00386 (05) 304 62 52